Cobbler Technologies Inc.
523 North Court Street
Carlisle, AR 72024
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Cobbler Tech's No Code  App Publishing Platform puts the power of programming in the hands of business experts. 

Our vision

  • We are committed to empowering the people who sit in front of computers for a living, especially those feeling stressed out by data inundation. We will enable them to enjoy creating, collaborating and uncovering insights.

  • We are committed to removing inefficiencies and drudgery in enterprises so they get more meaning and value from their data and people. We will empower change-makers in organizations to unleash their productivity, creativity, insights and collaboration with others to benefit entire enterprises.

  • We are committed to unleashing the power of computing so that an army of citizen developers can emerge, bringing prosperity and equity to the people in their communities and economies, and sustainability to the earth.

Our leadership team

cobbler_portrait_brian_stack.jpg cobbler technologies no code image

Brian Stack


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marla bio pic 2019.jpg cobbler technologies no code image

Marla Johnson


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cobbler_portrait_richard_womack.jpg cobbler technologies no code image

Richard Womack

 Director of Client Services

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