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LeapXL is a trademark of Cobbler Technologies, Inc.

Instantly create the apps you need with the skills you have!

Cobbler's LeapXL is a No Code, Drag-and-Drop, App Publishing Platform (PaaS) that requires very little training to rapidly create and evolve a suite of personalized enterprise applications.


LeapXL empowers users to share data in real-time.



Lock down your data so that it never falls into the wrong hands.


Robustly share data with all your systems and web-based apps.

For any professional who needs to collect data and gain insights from multiple data sources (often spreadsheets), Cobbler has patented software that lets you upload and connect data sources to create interactive reports and collaborative applications securely while maintaining transparent, audited versions of the data in the background.

Spreadsheet to app graphic.png Cobbler Technologies No Code

Drag and drop to quickly build forms, interactive reports, dashboards, and mobile-responsive apps.

Deployment image Cobbler Technologies No Code


Deploy your app in a single click. No need to worry about costly infrastructure and scaling.


Take control of your spreadsheet apps with logon, security, version control, and audits.

Transparency image cobbler technologies no code


Know the quality, source, and completeness of your data, so that better decisions are made.


Learn what's going on and what happened without any extra effort. A complete audit trail of all your data.